Making Time to Live

Before I officially took off the training wheels and launched Bennis Public Relations, Inc nearly two months ago, I found my mind often fantasizing about the free and flexible time I might have as my own boss. I could make weekly trips to the farmer’s market, eat lunch on a park bench by the river and become a regular at the city library. I could use the free WiFi from a trendy café and sip lattes while I clicked away on my laptop or take an afternoon cat nap after watching the Price is Right. While some of these visions were both dramatic and unnecessary, I’m disappointed to admit that two months later, my “new boss” hasn’t allowed me much more free time to pursue life’s little slices of happiness to exist all around me.

Harrisburg's McCormick River Front Library

I can’t blame this on my boss, or maybe I can since I am my boss, but in either case I’ve decided to take the opportunity to close my laptop more often and step out into the bustling and beautiful world that exists whether I make time for it or not.

The week before my North Carolina vacation I realized I needed some new beach reading materials and so I stepped inside the Dauphin County Library for the first time since I moved to Harrisburg in December of 2009. While I’m now a proud owner of a shiny red library card, I can’t help but feel a pang of regret for not having done this sooner. The library isn’t big, it’s just one of several branches that the county manages, but it still evoked the same rush of excitement that I felt as a child eying up the rows and rows of colorful treasurers—all for my taking. And so I limited myself to just 5 books which I never read or heard of before but will know intimately, page by page, in just a few weeks.

Now that I’ve experienced the joys (and sorrows) of being a functioning, taxpaying, member of society, I feel that it is my civil duty to make use of all of the free resources this affords me. The County Library is just one. I’ve started a list of all of the other things this area has to offer that I’ve never made time to take advantage of before. So here’s the bucket-list-in-progress that I hope to get through before 2012:

  • Buy my fresh produce from the Farm Show Complex’s Farmer’s Market
  • Complete the ropes course at Ski Roundtop
  • Visit a corn maze, pick pumpkins and drink apple cider
  • Kayak the Susquehanna
  • Visit the Renaissance Festival
  • Ice Skate
  • Go to a Haunted House Tour
  • Read a book by the river
  • And more to come…

If you have any suggestions for fun things to do in Central PA or even just in the autumn season—I’m interested!

15 thoughts on “Making Time to Live

  1. Being your own boss you soon discover you don’t allow the slack time you could steal when it was somebody else’s time. I will say though, I could not go back and work for someone again, 15years now and still having fun. The biggest thing is getting the balance right and keeping in mind that you work better when you are fresher. And taking breaks will get better quality from the things you are trying to achieve.

    For me, a walk in the wood in autumn, with the changing colours and the fresh smell of rain. Birds, wind and the wait for winter to arrive.


  2. I used to fantasize about being self-employed and making my own hours. Now that I’m doing it, I find “my own hours” become pretty much all day, every day. I really have to force myself out of the mind-set that the only thing worth my time is work!

    Definitely do visit the Renaissance Festival. Ours doesn’t start until February, but I’m already looking forward to it!

  3. So glad you put a plug in for libraries. I consider library services to be the greatest resource provide in the States. So much potential just sitting there waiting for us to take interest and absorb. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stimulating ideas on fun and satisfying ways to enhance living.

  4. Very wise words, and a very fun bucket list!! You’ll have to take lots of pictures at the corn maze. I’ve never seen one, but it sounds like a blast!

  5. Good Post. I just realized even I don’t have a library card. I must do that. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Love the bucket list!

  6. Great post. I think everyone should have a list of things they want to do or things they want to accomplish. And congratulations on starting your own business. I know for a lot of people it’s a dream to become their own boss. You went out and did it. Good for you.

  7. I daydream about being my own boss and sipping cappuccino’s at stylish cafes and blogging ALL DAY! I also haven’t been to a Library in far too long. I’m going to add that to my personal Miami “to do” list. I love the smell of all the books and the busy silence!

  8. Good luck on your new venture. I admire your moxy. I’ve been trying to combine my two blogs into a single book and land a publisher or self-publish, but the task seems so overwhelming.
    It’s nice to see a success story.

    1. Haha, thank you! I wouldn’t consider it a success story quite yet, but I’m certainly planning to work like mad up until that day. Each day is a new adventure and challenge and for that I’m grateful.

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