Another Glass of “Pinot”: A tribute to the cat made famous by WordPress

Ever since making her first appearance on WordPress in my Freshly Pressed blog post, Pinot the cat has turned into an overnight sensation. For those of you who have yet to meet her, she is the opinionated, lazy and utterly adorable office assistant at Bennis Inc. In an attempt to document the crazy antics she subjects me to each day, I’ve resorted to taking photos to use as proof. This has left me with an unhealthy amount of cat photos on my phone which is detrimental to both my phone memory and my social life. So before I archive my incriminating crazy cat lady evidence away for good, I thought I would share “A Day in the Life of Pinot.” Enjoy!

 Just like any good employee, Pinot is the first one in and last one out…of bed that is.

Once enough interesting noises arouse her out of slumber, she spends most of her day “working” from the couch.

“Working” ultimately leads to sleeping…a lot of sleeping.

Oh, but when she’s awake she demands ALL of the attention of everyone in the room.

But of course keeping up these antics is hard work, which leads to more sleeping.


And when she wants to be left alone, she finds the most absurd places to snooze, like behind couch cushions.


Or in an empty bag. This also leads to one of her favorite games in which the object is to scare innocent passersby. It never gets old, at least for her.

And on really gloomy days, Pinot keeps warm in style–or maybe she just likes to get in touch with her wild feline side.

Or sometimes she models next to her idol–the Penn State Nittany Lion. Striking resemblance, right?

And when she’s bored with work, she doesn’t even attempt to hide it (if only this picture could do her snoring justice).

But one job she never misses is anxiously awaiting the Mr. to come home from work.

Pinot is a diva and a wolverine all rolled into one, but despite our complicated relationships, she’s still the best friend a gal could ask for!

23 thoughts on “Another Glass of “Pinot”: A tribute to the cat made famous by WordPress

  1. Call me crazy, but I swear her nails look hot pink! Is Pinot getting mani-pedis? If she is, I think it’s fantastic!
    Stephanie, thanks so much for popping over to by blog. I’ve learned that the best part of blogging is discovering other blogs. I’m so glad you found mine because now I get to enjoy yours.

  2. O…M….G!
    Su gato es muy maravilloso! Thank you for sharing these pictures! I’m a big Pinot fan! 🙂
    Hope to see more of Pinot on your insightful blog posts in the future.

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