The Bennis Blogger Battle: A Call for Guest Bloggers

UPDATE: The Bennis Blogger Battle is officially FULL! We will be wrapping up all of our competition entries the week of April 16 with the grand announcement of the winner on April 23. Make sure you take the time now to go back through and visit all the guest blogger entries and like, thumbs up or comment on your favorite ones!

Having built up such a wonderful and loyal community of readers, I’m beginning to feel like that bad date who talks entirely too much about her own life ramblings, but doesn’t pause to get to know the person on the other side of the table. So….I’m asking you on a date. Well, not really. Because of your loyal readership, my subscribers are now in the hundreds and that would be quite a restaurant tab, even for McDonald’s. But what I am asking is for some brave souls to step forward and guest blog for Bennis Inc.

This will be fun, I promise! I want to hand you the mic for a week and let you share your own pearls of wisdom with my blogging community–since without you, this community wouldn’t exist. I’m also throwing in some friendly competition and a chance to win some more publicity (and coffee) if you’re up for the Bennis Blogger Battle.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Inform me: Let me know you’re interested by leaving a comment on this post
  • Length: Keep it between 400 and 600 words and include a photo or graphic to go with it
  • Topic: I’d like the posts to stay on theme with my blog. Check out the category headings above for what I mean. Feel free to read through some of my archives to get a feel for the Bennis Inc vibe.
  • Write: Once you’ve picked your topic, email it to me for the OK.
  • Bio: Be sure to include a 2 sentence bio about you. I want to give you credit for your work!
  • Edit: Please try and give me your most polished product. It’s still subject to my edits as well
  • Send: Send your finished product (Sorry we’re all full! Our competition entry is now closed)
  • Publish: I’ll publish these guest blog posts over the course of the coming weeks and months. They’ll be mixed in with my own blog posts. I’ll give you a heads up when you’re on for the week.
  • Compete: The guest blog that gets the most “Likes” on their post will receive a $25.00 gift card to Satrbucks (after all, caffeine is our blogging fuel!) and a blog post written by me about you and your amazing talents!

For anyone just looking to get into blogging or seasoned bloggers looking to reach a new readership, this is a great opportunity. I’ll link back to your blog at the end of your article with a brief bio about you as well.

So there you have it–I’ve turned the tables and have given you a chance to tell me (and all of my readers) about YOU. I’m really looking forward to a couple great months of guest blogging!

35 thoughts on “The Bennis Blogger Battle: A Call for Guest Bloggers

  1. I’m blown away by all of this feedback! Please take a day or two to brainstorm topics and then email me with your thoughts and projected submission date: As entries begin to roll in I’ll post them and conclude with a final post and recap of all entries. REMEMBER: The post with the most “Likes” will be deemed the winner, so share with your friends and call on your social networks to vote you in 🙂

    Happy blogging!!

  2. I must say this is a fantastic little competition! This is a great way to get some writing going.

    Thanks for the comment on my site; I always appreciate feedback!

    1. We’re happy to have you in the competition, Sylvia!! Please send your entry to me as soon as ready. You’ll be the last blogger to go as the competition ends the week of April 16. Good luck!

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