Last Call for the Bennis Blogger Battle

It’s been a fun ride for sure, but it’s time we bring the Bennis Blogger Battle competition to a close! There’s room for just one more entry this coming Monday, April 16th and this slot is first come, first served. (email me at Stephanie(at) If no entries are received by Saturday, April 14th at Noon, we will proceed with the announcing of the Grand Winner of the Blogger Battle on Monday morning!

I’ve been diligently tracking blog hits, likes, thumbs-ups and comments and you’ll be able to see how every blogger did and revisit their blogs if you’d like. If you haven’t given your support to your favorite entries, you still have time to go back and give them some love. This is also a prime opportunity for blog authors to share your entry with your networks in hopes of boosting your rankings.

Best of luck to all competitors and any final entries should be submitted as soon as possible for a final chance to be featured on the Bennis Inc Blog!

7 thoughts on “Last Call for the Bennis Blogger Battle

  1. Hi Stephanie, I’d love to participate if there is still an opening. I’m currently on vacation and just popped in to see what everyone I’m following is up to and just saw this. Not sure how I missed it.

    1. There is, no one’s claimed the last spot yet. But it will be posted this Monday AM so I would need your final draft along with a picture of you and a short bio by Noon on Saturday April 14. If you’re still interested, email me!

    1. It’s whoever gets it to me before Noon on Saturday (April 14). I’d hate to give the “spot” to someone without being sure I’ll get it. So…the competition is still open!

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