You Don’t Need the Best of Everything To Make the Best of Everything

HappinessSometimes I don’t know what to count first. My blessings—or the little moments in life that make me stop and want to count my blessings. It was the second or third time I’ve used this particular cashier at a local shop. It’s the type of job that garners little respect or attention, no matter how frequent the customers or how pleasant the small talk. But this guy has grabbed my attention on more than one occasion for no better reason than he is completely, contagiously, happy. So many visual cues tell me this guy has a lot he could be frustrated about or unhappy with, but instead he bubbles over with such contentment for the life he’s been given that I have yet to walk out of the store without a smile.

After I leave his small glow of happiness, the real work begins to wear on me again. I hear negative comments from all around. People will yell when their phone isn’t working, complain about their job or become sarcastic when someone suggests an idea they don’t like. There’s a time and place for every emotion, but why do we first seem to resort to the negative reaction to a situation? I’m reminded of a phrase I’ve seen displayed in various ways that reads:

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything.

It seems that some of the happiest people I have ever met are the ones who have fairly average lives. Some of these people have even dealt with major struggles and setbacks that would leave most of us feeling frustrated and pitiful. Instead, they’ve (knowingly or unknowingly) mastered the art of making the best of everything. These people aren’t naive nor are they complacent, they are simply happy, and what else is more important? If a magic genie came to grant you just one wish, I would say we’d all be smart to wish for happiness. Everything else is really secondary. Unfortunately, the people who have yet to figure this out are obvious. We can likely all pull up a real life example in our minds of a person, who on paper, is wealthy and successful, but knowing them deeper allows you to also know most of their life is spent feeling stressed, angry and unfulfilled. In contrast, are those who have learned that happiness is not having the best of everything; it’s making the best of everything.

Slowly, I too am learning to make the best of everything. Even the most unexpected and outrageous situations can be a reason to smile if you loosen up long enough to realize you’re simply not in control. Whether my career continues to excel or one day I have to take a different job to make ends meet, knowing that I have the power to be happy through anything makes any outcome okay. It’s an incredible realization that the stress we place on being happy can become the cause of our unhappiness.

Thinking back to that contagiously happy cashier, I would love to one day know that he finally got the life he dreamed of. But who am I to say that he hasn’t already?

11 thoughts on “You Don’t Need the Best of Everything To Make the Best of Everything

    1. I’m always glad to hear I’m able to offer some encouragement, because there’s a lot in life that can get us down – especially for entrepreneurs forging their own way 🙂

    1. Every choice we make it the most important, because it affects all the rest! If we first focus on having the right attitude and take this with us into our decision making, the right answer becomes a lot more clear. Thanks for the comment, Paul.

  1. This is awesome, Stephanie, and so true!

    And even a person with average intelligence, personality, or ability…can really make something of their life… if they really want to do it!

    I was just telling another young lady, that I think it is pathetic the way millions of people do not want to put any effort into their love life or marriage (especially men), they take no pride in their bodies or their homes, and they do a crappy job at work or in business!

    If only more people would WAKE UP and get busy, they could have a much better life! Maybe I should start promoting myself as the “Tough Love” Motivational Speaker!

    Great to see that you get it! Bravo!
    Keep up the sensational work!

    1. I think we could all benefit from a “Tough Love” motivational speaker at times 🙂 It’s easy to feel frustrated and defeated with our life situation, but hard to find a positive attitude and want to do better.

  2. With your brains, beauty, and personality, you should be able to “Take Over The World.”
    But we all get distracted, or discouraged, now and then! Glad to see you writing, working, and growing your business!

      1. We all do, don’t we? Someone said I look like Carrie’s “Mr. Big.” But even I, with my sparkling personality and brilliance, sometimes struggle to make ends meet! Then, just when I think I can make ends meet…someone moves the ends!

  3. Maybe that’s because happiness is a decision we make; it does not depend on our circumstances.

    Thanks for a very insightful encouragement! 🙂

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