Meeting Fate Halfway

blindfolded womanEvery so often life presents us with moments where things really feel like they’re coming together. We can choose to believe this is by chance or that this is by fate.  Switching careers, buying a new home and falling in love are all life changing experiences where so often we hear people say “It was fate.” I do believe in fate. I believe that doors close so others may open and I believe that our passions can lead us toward where we are meant to be. But I also believe that we must meet fate halfway.

In a recent conversation with a friend about my own endeavors as an entrepreneur, he said that I am fortunate to have had fate lead me down this path. My response was that although fate presented me with opportunities, it was still my responsibility to be prepared to seize them. This is important for every business owner to remember. Even if you believe in fate, this is not an excuse to walk around blind folded just waiting for it to lead you where you’re supposed to go. You must be an active participant in the process. Just a little more than two years ago, when I turned my part time passion into my full time career, fate presented me with the opportunity, but I still had to contribute the vision and the hard work to make it a sustainable success.

During this entrepreneurial journey, I’m learning that you can’t leave everything to chance. When I meet a potential client, I still have to prove my skills and professionalism to increase my chances of working with them. Fate may have placed me in the right place at the right time to be considered for this opportunity, but I most certainly won’t get the job if I sit back and do nothing.

I’ve also learned not to be foolishly optimistic. Fate is a presence in my life, but it’s not a safety net. Relying too heavily on fate to always give you your happy ending will result in many unhappy outcomes. Fate won’t pay my taxes, guarantee new clients or further develop my skills. It isn’t fate’s responsibility to do so. It’s mine. Fate has and continues to present me with the opportunities to accomplish these things successfully, but I must always meet fate halfway.

I think we must redefine our perception of fate. It’s fun and romantic to throw our cautions to the wind and say “whatever will be, will be,” but this is taking advantage of – and missing out on – the opportunities with which we’ve been presented. Instead, even with fate on our side, we must continue to keep our nose to grindstone and prepare ourselves to seize life’s fateful opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Fate Halfway

  1. Wonderful post and such a great reminder that we need to dream, aspire, believe but also work for what we feel is right and joyous in our lives! thank you! 🙂

  2. Oh, I am so sorry that you will have to struggle so and so much is on your shoulders. I follow and believe in ONE designer, who has a plan for my life and as my life unfolds step by step (fortunetelling is very awful to our designer), it is a JOY to step where He already predestined me to be: Good or bad: I rejoice, because this life is NOT what was intended in the first place.
    My beloved Chuck Smith met his maker last Thursday to receive his rewards and one thing he said: Allow God to work within you, so He can work through you. That’s way I live life to the fullest and every day is filled with adventure, excitement, quests and yes, sometimes hardships, which make us able to empathise with others less fortunate. I feel sorry for religious people, who have no relationship to our designer and just muddle through, hoping they make the right choice. I pray it is God’s will that you business prospers and most of all that you be in good health. Be blessed.

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