7 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are Essential for the Entrepreneur (Guest Contribution from Daniela McVicker)

This week’s blog post comes to us from Daniela McVicker, blogger, seo specialist, and digital marketer. To learn more about Daniela, read her bio below.

7 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are Essential for the Entrepreneur

There is more to being an entrepreneur than presenting yourself as the owner of a business. The best way to achieve and maintain success is by showing excellence in as many areas of the business as you can. Being able to express yourself through written words is crucial for representing your company in the best light.

Considering how challenging your job is, writing can help in many aspects of it. All you need to do is to recognize its power and make the most of it. If you want to know why you need writing skills as an entrepreneur, these seven reasons will explain it all.

#1 Prove your credibility

People who have great writing skills are portrayed as trustworthy and credible. It may seem like an assumption, but it is a fact.

Imagine that you receive an email that is full of spelling mistakes and abbreviations. Would you trust that individual? Would you do business with him? The answer is most probably no.

Advanced writing skills will help you present yourself as an educated professional and expert in your industry.

Even if you are just a startup, with the magic of writing you can seem like an experienced businessman or businesswoman.

#2 Promote your work

Digital marketing has opened many doors for entrepreneurs. There are numerous possibilities that you can take advantage of, but if your writing is poor it will be of no use.

Social media posts can seem like a spur of a moment but they are actually thought through and written strategically.

Knowing how to write the posts and present yourself as witty and smart at the same time can grow your brand awareness.

If your writing skill is on point, you’ll know how to adapt your writing to different social media platforms and maximize the result.

#3 Pitch ideas

Composing a compelling business plan can do half of the work. Properly written business plan or business idea can attract investors and close the deal.

Nowadays, many business relationships are virtual, meaning that you won’t have the opportunity to charm them with your presence in-person, or at least as often.

This is when your writing skill needs to take over. Instead of a lengthy business plan, you can opt for a pitch deck.

A pitch deck is similar to a business plan but it contains less information and is easier to skim and read. While some create it with PowerPoint others just present a Word or PDF document.

Craft an impeccable pitch and see how powerful persuasive writing can be.

#4 Build trust

Blogs are perfect for creating a bond with your audience since the posts provide them with useful information. You can even write more personal stories that will allow them to get to know you better.

While you can work with the best writing companies to make the articles exceptional, what about the comments?

One of the crucial parts of a blog is the comment sections. By enabling readers to comment on your posts, you can establish a trusting relationship. This correspondence can lead to an army of loyal customers.

But before you get to that, you need to provide them with the right answers to their questions and comments. If you know how to charm them with words, you’ll easily get their trust. On the other hand, if your responses are weak and confusing, they’ll cross off your business for good.

#5 Establish effective communication

Writing is essential for expressing your thoughts and avoiding any miscommunications.

Nowadays, we mostly communicate through emails or social media. If you don’t know how to put your words together you can lead the conversation in the wrong direction.

From talking to your team members to contacting clients, your writing needs to be impeccable. Just think about what will your clients think of you if you can’t even write a decent message?

Most people don’t overthink how they write their messages but it’s a crucial point that establishes the communication in business. Know how to write concisely, directly, and clearly if you want to have efficient communication.

 #6 Relieve stress

There is more to writing than just using it to improve your business. Use writing as a way to relax and prepare yourself for the next challenge.

Journaling has proved to be an extremely successful way of clearing the mind and managing stress.

Unfortunately, stress has become a part of a job description for every entrepreneur. Juggling all the obligations and responsibilities can get overwhelming. That is why journaling can help you get all the negative thoughts out of your mind and onto the paper.

All you need is to dedicate a few minutes a day to journaling. Take a piece of paper or your laptop and write about anything that comes to your mind. You’ll see how this will help you gather your thoughts and feel more relaxed.

#7 Work on self-improvement

Lastly, improving your writing can make you feel more confident.

Successful people never stop learning and are always open to new ideas. Perfecting your writing skill can be the next adventure in your self-improvement journey.

Not only will you exude with confidence through your writing but you’ll also feel better about yourself. You shouldn’t work on your writing just because of your business. Do it for yourself and self-respect.

There is just something fulfilling being about able to gather your scattered thoughts and transform them into perfectly composed content.

The satisfaction you’ll feel is worth it, trust me!

Over to you

Entrepreneurship is certainly a time-consuming challenge. However, taking some time to work on your writing will pay off both personally and professionally.

Even if you think that you don’t have the time for this task, when the benefits are this great, you can spear a few hours. Once you realize how writing can open new horizons for you and your business, it will all make sense.

x6x7pXiL_400x400 (1)About the Author: Daniela McVicker is a blogger and a freelance writer who works closely with B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting services. Currently, she contributes to RatedByStudents. When Daniela isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.


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