What My Family Thinks I Do for a Living – Part II

If you’ve been following along, you may have caught my most recent blog where I asked my husband to answer a series of questions to help describe to the world what he thinks I do for a living. The public relations field can be a bit abstract, particularly as technology and now virtual communications have quickly pivoted just about every aspect of the profession.

For this week’s blog, I interviewed my 7-year-old son, Holden with the same questions I asked my husband, Scott last week. He put a lot of thought into his answers! This is a great reminder that our children see and pick up on so much more than we think they do. And how they interpret the world is still evolving at a rapid speed. Keep reading to hear, in Holden’s words, what he thinks I do from the office all day while he’s at school, remote learning, or outside playing.

In one sentence, describe what I do for a living.

My mom works with a lot of different people and is usually at her computer or talking on her phone when she’s in her office.

When I’m typing at my computer, what am most likely working on?

I think you’re usually sending messages to people or writing. When you’re talking with people on the phone or on your computer, it sounds like you’re helping other businesses with their problems.

Describe what you think my normal workday looks like?

You start your day by making coffee and typing at your computer. Sometimes you’re on the phone, too. Then you come downstairs for a snack or to make us lunch. Some afternoons you have to keep working or you’ll spend time going for a walk or hanging out with Dad and me. On the days I go to school, you and Dad usually come together to get me at the bus stop in the afternoon. I like having you both at home even if we are all busy doing our work during the day. We still get to do a lot of things together. I like hearing what you’re talking about and see what you’re doing.

What about my work makes me most happy?

I think you’re happy when something good happens, like your clients helping other people. I remember when you told me how one of your clients was giving a lot of money to help solve cancer. And during coronavirus you were working a lot with people who needed help or wanted to help other people.

And what stresses me out the most?

I think when you feel like you have too much work to do or when there is an emergency for one of your clients.

In one word, describe “Work Mom.”


What makes you most proud of my job?

I like seeing you work and help other people. I also like that you created your own business and it has the same name as my brother. Your job helps us do fun things together as a family and gives us important things like food and clothes.


Stephanie’s Assessment: A+

How could I be critical of such kind and thoughtful answers from a 7-year-old? I promise these were all his own thoughts! There are a couple humorous things in his responses like him calling out my must-have morning coffee and leaving my office to get food. All true observations. I can’t imagine what makes him describe “work mom” as peaceful, but I take that as a compliment. I suppose when I’m deep in concentration at my computer I may look stoic and peaceful. If only he knew!

My most important realization from Holden’s responses is that even at a young age he values work that helps other people, not just making money. I hope this is a value he holds onto forever. Both my husband and I have sought careers that aim to help people in many different ways. We like to solve problems, find answers, and help businesses and organizations rise above whatever obstacle they may face. If nothing else, this pandemic has forced us all to spend a lot more time at home together. In doing so, Holden has gained a window into my working world and had learned that, yes, during the workday work does need to take place. But once all necessary tasks are complete, you earn time to play, relax, and enjoy.


How well do your children know what you really do for a living? If you asked them some of the questions above, how might they respond? I challenge you to make this a dinner conversation tonight. There might be some laughs that come from it!

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