Out of Office – Part I

For over 11 years I have never missed a Monday. That’s right – 582 blogs have been published even though major life transitions like getting married, adding two beautiful boys to our family, extreme busy seasons, seasons where writing inspiration waned, and from locations all over the world. I prioritized consistency, and in doing so, putting out fresh content once a week became second nature. It’s a true test of time management and the difference between being merely interested in starting a blog and being committed to delivering on your promise of quality and consistent content. Doing that for more than a decade is a balance of planning ahead, automation, routine, and fulfillment. 

This week? I’m on a plane to a tropical location in a different country. It’s going to be a fantastic week of rest, relaxation, and unplugging. It’s so needed and much deserved! 

But I wasn’t going to miss a Monday – especially since I have quite the record to uphold! So for this week and next week, I want you to enjoy some inspiring content about managing workflow while on vacation, pausing to enjoy the relaxing rewards of hard work, and setting yourself up for a graceful (not stressful!) return. 

Do you see? Consistency is easy when you plan ahead, automate when you can, keep a routine – and above all else – keep your blog fueled by authenticity and inspiration! Enjoy..because I surely will!

How to Fully Unplug on Vacation

Whether you have planned a destination vacation or are opting for a “staycation” this year, giving yourself a few days of rest and relaxation is not only fun, it’s absolutely necessary!

For those of us that work virtually, we’re used to plugging in from anywhere which can lead to the temptation to get work done when we really should be relaxing. Can you relate? Then, take a look at these tips for how you can fully unplug and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

Plan Ahead

Plan your time off well in advance and communicate early and often with clients and employees that you will not be doing any work during this time. Work ahead on projects that you would normally complete during this time off to minimize the amount of work on your plate when you return. Also, avoid scheduling meetings several days before and after your vacation to give you a buffer of dedicated work time to complete your most pressing tasks.

Manage Expectations About Work Communication

A great way to unplug without leaving emails or calls unanswered is to set up an automatic email response and voicemail. Be specific about when people can expect to hear back from you. You can choose to check emails just once per day to make yourself accessible for emergencies. Or you can choose to completely go offline for the week. No matter what you choose, let people know when they can reasonably expect to hear back from you. Clients are far more understanding of a lag in communication if they know you are out of the office. You may also want to designate another employee as the person to contact for urgent matters to give you full peace of mind to relax.

Commit to Your Vacation

The biggest obstacle a lot of us face when unplugging from work isn’t the separation from technology that we may all think, but rather it is the willingness to allow ourselves to fully embrace our time off. You have waited all year (maybe longer) for this break, so make sure you are just as committed to your vacation as you have been your work. Sleep in, move slow, read for fun, take a nap and strike up conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with work! It may feel weird at first, but if you can learn to “rewire” your thinking to a more relaxed state, you will feel calmer even once you return back to work.

Have you been able to fully unplug from work while on vacation this year? If so, comment below and share your tips!

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