Digital Marketing Strategies That Help Build a Stronger Online Presence

With the advent of digitalization and technology, everyone stays online. The internet is a massive part of anyone’s life. They use it for education, health, or even doing chores. In fact, in the research conducted by Data Reportal in 2022, 63% of the world’s total population, or more than 5 billion people, have an internet presence.

And as a business, you need to jump and utilize this opportunity. And one way to do it is by building a solid online presence. An online presence can help your business connect to potential customers, maintain relationships, or even strengthen your brand.

However, building a robust online presence is not easy. Digitalization is a competitive field today. And there are specific strategies and tools you must use to make it effective. Likewise, this article will tackle how you can build an online presence through several digital marketing strategies.

Why Do You Need an Online Presence?

It is impossible to survive without an online presence in today’s world. According to GWI, the world’s internet users spend an average of 6 hours and 52 minutes online daily. And that’s critical hours of opportunity to connect you should not miss!

Likewise, having a solid internet presence is a must if you are a business. It could help you attract, retain, and connect with customers. Below are some reasons why you need to have a more substantial internet presence:

  • Help customers remember your brand easily
  • Strengthen relationships and retain customers better
  • Showcase products and services for a lower cost
  • Enhance customer accessibility
  • Reach a wider audience globally

 8 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Implement for A Stronger Online Presence

Improving your digital presence takes time. It doesn’t happen over time as it requires specific steps and strategies. Building a more substantial online presence takes a lot of hard work and patience, as you wouldn’t see results as quickly as you think.

To start, you can try some of these digital marketing strategies.

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an imperative and must-have digital marketing strategy. It focuses on improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO can help build a more substantial internet presence by increasing the number of visitors to your website. It happens when search engines rank your site higher in their SERPs.

2. Claim Your Profile on Local Directories Like Google

Local directories have been around for a long time. They are an excellent resource for finding local businesses, products, and services. But they are not just a directory anymore. They are now part of digital marketing strategies and advertising platform that helps drive traffic to your business.

With the rise of mobile technology and digital marketing, it is possible to find businesses on various platforms such as Google and Facebook. It can help drive more traffic and increase the internet presence of your business.

3. Develop Interactive Content

Another must-have digital marketing strategy in building an online presence is interactive content. High-quality and interactive contents are a great way to provide customers with a personalized experience. It can help you establish a better relationship through content they can understand and relate to.

Likewise, content can help you convert your websites into patrons and leads while improving your internet presence.

4. Promote Your Products and Services Through Ads

While organic content is excellent, implementing a nonorganic strategy such as paid advertising is necessary. Paid advertising is a fantastic way to bring more traffic to your website quickly and easily. It can also help drive more brand awareness and reach audiences not aware of your business yet.

There are a few digital marketing strategies that you may want to implement in your ads, including

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads,
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

5. Create Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great digital marketing strategy to build your online presence. Users can use it to share your content, provide customer service, promote your brand, and offer promotional deals.

In fact, according to Sprout Social, when users follow a business on social media, 91% of them will visit the company website. In addition, 85% of these users will recommend the brand to their family and friends.

6. Encourage Clients to Leave a Review

Client testimony is one of the most effective ways to increase online presence. You can make it in the form of a blog post, video testimonial, or through any other type of content. Testimonials will allow your business to show off the strengths of your product or services. It can also showcase how customers feel about your product and the benefits they get from using it.

The best way to get reviews is by asking your customers for feedback. These are the reviews that they want you to see and share with others, so it’s always worth asking them if they would be willing to provide you with a testimonial. You can also ask your clients if they can share it publicly on social media channels or via email with their network.

7. Start Email Marketing

For years, email marketing has shown remarkable results in digital marketing. It is still one of the most used methods of reaching customers. In fact, according to Statista, about 82% of marketers still use email marketing to reach their customers.

Email marketing allows businesses to reach customers, promote their products and discounts, or provide company updates. These platforms are perfect for building relationships with your customers and giving them a personal experience of your company.

8. Engage and Respond to People

Another way of establishing a strong internet presence is by engaging with people online. You can do this by posting content, responding to comments, and ensuring you are visible on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The best way to engage with people online is by responding to their comments or posts on social media sites. Engaging with customers will help you get noticed by potential customers. It can also boost loyalty, customer relationship, and retention.

The Bottom Line

In summary, digital marketing is a great way to establish an online presence. It offers a wide range of strategies from email, and optimization, to social media marketing. It can help your business with an online presence and other means like customer retention and engagement.

So whether you’re a new business looking to establish an online presence or a marketer for a big corporation, make sure to use these digital marketing strategies.

About the Guest Contributor: Flexisource IT is your best gateway to top-caliber fully managed IT teams dedicated to servicing Australian businesses and startups to scale up and grow rapidly.

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