The Best Articles for Entrepreneurs from 2022

As we look to the start of a new year, we hold hopes and aspirations for what this next chapter will bring. But let’s not forget to pause and reflect on the wisdom and experience gained from this last year – and be sure to pack it with us on this next trip around the sun. Join me in revisiting some of the best wisdom shared in 2022 on the topic of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, small business ownership, and more. And then, as we open the new chapter of 2023 and begin to write, let this wisdom fuel our ideas, motivations, and passions to do more and do better in the New Year! Cheers!

#10 Confidence Comes From Doing Hard Things

As you look to tackle those New Year’s Resolutions, let this be your inspiration to lean into the “hard.” Like a muscle, confidence comes from strengthening your ability to withstand difficult and uncomfortable circumstances and to not quit out of fear or frustration. This is timeless wisdom business owners, and absolutely everyone can benefit from reading again and again.

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#9 How do You Measure Success?

The answer to this question will tell you a lot about yourself, and maybe even shed light on where society may be influencing your goals. It’s time to take a serious look at what really matters in life. Is it a job title, salary, office location, or size of staff? Or do you value work-life balance, flexibility, and control of your time? You can’t “have it all” but you can absolutely work toward having the right things, if you know at which target to aim.

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#8 Common Lies and Half-Truths Businesses Use in Marketing

Stretching the truth in business communications has become an artform all its own. Always teetering on the delicate line of just enough and “You’ve gone too far!” You’ll enjoy the witty approach this article takes at shining a light on the common lies to help you become a more informed consumer.

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#7 Destination Addiction: Always Striving, Never Arriving

Here’s something we all need to here! Stop moving the goal post on your definition of success and happiness. When you achieve a milestone, do you really pause to take it in? Or are you on to the next shiny object? I’m just as guilty as the rest of you, which is what inspired this uncomfortably revleaing read. #Imtheproblemitsme

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#6 How to Make the Media Care About Your Story

The media serves to inform and entertain. The easier you can make it for them to do their job by reaching one or both of these objectives, the more likely your story is to get picked up. Learn from this advice for making the media care about your story.

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#5 Living in the Steady State: How to make consistency a lifestyle

For business owners and entrepreneurs, if you are nothing else but consistent, you will eventually arrive at success. I say this confidently because not only have I experienced it first-hand, I’ve seen where others fall short again and again…and again. Reliability, dependency, and consistency are among the greatest qualities you can present when serving your clients.

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#4 The Modern Guide to Planning a Business Grand Opening Event

2022 was a year booming with new businesses opening their doors and wanting to celebrate this milestone in the biggest and best way possible. Having helped many on this journey, I put together a guide which is sure to help kickstart the grand opening planning process for you or a business you may know. Take a read!

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#3 Balancing Work and Summer Schedules

Earmark this one for the warmer months! So often we long for summer because we believe it will yield rest and relaxation. If we just work hard enough all the other months, surely we will get to coast during three laid-back months. It’s possible, but only if you’re intentional about it! As I approach my 12th summer as a business owner, I’ve learned a thing or two worth sharing.

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#2 A Chameleon Consultant – Learning How to Be Who Your Customers Need

When you serve others, you need to be adaptable to their communication styles. This doesn’t mean losing your own identify, but it does mean laying down your ego in the best interests of a successful outcome. Here’s how I stay authentic while serving many different clients in many different ways.

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#1 Flip the Script: Would you say that to a man?

This one delivers some hard truths, and was the hardest article I have ever hit “publish” on. I wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted until finally I landed on a message I felt passionately called to share. I take another deep breath when I encourage you to click below to read these raw words.

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What was your favorite topic from this list? Or was there one from the Comm Entrepreneur Blog you loved that didn’t make the cut? I’d love to hear from some of my readers in the comments below. Better yet, share a topic you hope I’ll cover in 2023!

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