Why Your Workflow Should Change with the Seasons

Should your workflow change with the seasons? It’s an interesting question. So often when it comes to workload and efficiency, we feel like consistency and stability should be the goal. These are certainly good things to have in your career, but I want you to consider why allowing your work to ebb and flow with … Continue reading Why Your Workflow Should Change with the Seasons

What I Learned From My Accident

About a week ago I was out for a morning run. This is pretty routine for me as I love starting my day with some form of physical activity. However, this particular run would be anything but a routine experience. About half way into my 10k, I tripped and fell just about face first onto … Continue reading What I Learned From My Accident

Making Time to Live

Before I officially took off the training wheels and launched Bennis Public Relations, Inc nearly two months ago, I found my mind often fantasizing about the free and flexible time I might have as my own boss. I could make weekly trips to the farmer’s market, eat lunch on a park bench by the river … Continue reading Making Time to Live