Struggling to Keep Up With Your Blog?

The first Monday of each month, I dust off a favorite post from the Bennis Inc Blog archives and give you another chance to enjoy the wit and wisdom that’s been shared. Enjoy this month’s treasure – and if it inspires you – be sure to share it with family and friends! For anyone who has the … Continue reading Struggling to Keep Up With Your Blog?

Balancing Work and Summer Schedules

If you’re a working parent of school-age children, summer can really throw a curveball into family schedules. Your work schedule and professional responsibilities haven’t changed, for the most part, but now you have kids’ schedules (or lack thereof) to merge into an already busy calendar. How does it all work? Can it work? We’ve now … Continue reading Balancing Work and Summer Schedules

The (Often) Thankless Job of Technology

When COVID-19 hit, it caused a major shift in just about every aspect of our lives. One critical area was our expectations of technology and how it should meet our every desire quickly, easily, flexibly, and consistently. Ha! Weren't we in for a reality check? Don't get me wrong, the technology that exists to serve … Continue reading The (Often) Thankless Job of Technology

Virtual Communication Strategies to Overcome Various COVID Business Challenges

A few weeks ago, I surveyed a group of Central Pennsylvania business owners and professionals, representing a wide variety of industries and business models, as to what their biggest COVID-related businesses challenges are right now. I did this to help prepare for a virtual presentation I was creating for my business networking group that I've … Continue reading Virtual Communication Strategies to Overcome Various COVID Business Challenges

Struggling to Keep Up With Your Blog?

For anyone who has the goal of blogging regularly, you know it can be a real challenge to keep up with the demand for new content. Whether your blog is for professional or personal use, so many other obligations in life can pull you away from spending time with your thoughts. For me at least, … Continue reading Struggling to Keep Up With Your Blog?

7 Tips for Productive Conference Calls

Conference calls sound like a great idea. For a lot of reasons, in-person meetings just don’t work. People’s schedules and locations can make it virtually impossible to get together face-to-face. However, conference calls are far from a perfect solution. Having participated in countless conference calls, I can confirm that just about everything that happens in … Continue reading 7 Tips for Productive Conference Calls

When Should You Outsource a Task?

As a PR consultant, I am most often the one helping businesses outsource their PR and communication strategies to lessen their workload. For a lot of reasons, I love the concept of outsourcing and believe that in specific scenarios it works beautifully! Business owners have more time to devote on business development and operations, while … Continue reading When Should You Outsource a Task?

7 Tips to Stop Procrastination

It’s funny how procrastination works. It feeds upon insecurities, negativity and frustration. Procrastination quite literally makes mountains of molehills. Would you believe I found myself procrastinating writing this very article? Sometimes writing comes easy to me, other times I am distracted by something as small as dust floating by. I don’t think there is one … Continue reading 7 Tips to Stop Procrastination

5 Tips for Running a Productive Business Meeting

The dreaded business meeting. So often it starts with chitchat about the weather and then spins off into random discussions where no resolutions or courses of action are identified. Inevitably the meeting runs over its allotted time and all attendees leave wondering what was accomplished. There’s no follow-up and trying to find a date for […]

The 4 Most Powerful Words You Can Ask Someone

Both in life and in business, we experience individual struggles that cause us stress, frustration, anger, embarrassment and overall contribute to one of those “really bad days.” What’s worse is that because these struggles are uniquely our own, we often feel like we are completely alone when it comes to overcoming them. Feeling the need […]