Balancing Work and Summer Schedules

If you’re a working parent of school-age children, summer can really throw a curveball into family schedules. Your work schedule and professional responsibilities haven’t changed, for the most part, but now you have kids’ schedules (or lack thereof) to merge into an already busy calendar. How does it all work? Can it work? We’ve now … Continue reading Balancing Work and Summer Schedules

How to Work From Home with a Child

Working from home can be hugely beneficial to growing your business, increasing efficiency and saving money. Where things can get tricky is if you’re not the only one at home during the workday. Yes, I’m talking about those pint-sized “coworkers” called children that can’t yet understand the difference between work time and play time. For … Continue reading How to Work From Home with a Child

A Working Mom’s Guide for Achieving Work-Life Balance

This week's blog shares the personal perspective of Bennis Inc employee, Danielle Gouger. Danielle is our PR assistant and photographer and balances the unique challenges of life as a working mother. Learn more about Danielle here! A Working Mom’s Guide for Achieving Work-Life Balance As a newly single mom of a four-year-old spunky little girl, … Continue reading A Working Mom’s Guide for Achieving Work-Life Balance

The Life Lessons of Parenthood

Until now, my sole focus has been on nurturing my business, growing relationships and enjoying married life. I had more than enough time to pour into hobbies, passions and leisure. Don’t mistake where this is going. I enjoyed this chapter of my life – every day of it, but I also knew I was ready … Continue reading The Life Lessons of Parenthood