Top 10 Blog Posts on Life and Entrepreneurship in 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you woke up today inspired to tackle your goals for 2018. Whether it’s kicking a bad habit, taking better care of yourself or going after a new job, everything starts with that first step. I hope I can offer you some motivation to take your first step toward reaching your … Continue reading Top 10 Blog Posts on Life and Entrepreneurship in 2017

Why Being Positive Makes You a Target for Criticism

In the midst of so many horrific, unsettling and unnerving events going on worldwide – from Ebola to Isis and many wars and natural disasters in between – it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook on all the good that still exists. The media has done an excellent job of using all of […]

Stop Using These 9 Metrics to Measure Success

Having worked with many, many different clients over the years, I’ve had the benefit of learning how they each run their business and how they quantify success. As you might expect, this is as unique as a fingerprint. However, one thing I did find to be common among the happiest and healthiest businesses was that […]

What I Learned From My Accident

About a week ago I was out for a morning run. This is pretty routine for me as I love starting my day with some form of physical activity. However, this particular run would be anything but a routine experience. About half way into my 10k, I tripped and fell just about face first onto … Continue reading What I Learned From My Accident

7 Tips to Stop Procrastination

It’s funny how procrastination works. It feeds upon insecurities, negativity and frustration. Procrastination quite literally makes mountains of molehills. Would you believe I found myself procrastinating writing this very article? Sometimes writing comes easy to me, other times I am distracted by something as small as dust floating by. I don’t think there is one … Continue reading 7 Tips to Stop Procrastination

Book Smart vs. Street Smart: What I’ve Learned about PR Outside the Classroom

While I was earning my degrees in public relations and communication from Penn State University, I was already putting these skills into practice for some of my first clients. It’s amazing to look back and realize that real businesses put their trust in a young student who had really just “book smart” PR skills, and … Continue reading Book Smart vs. Street Smart: What I’ve Learned about PR Outside the Classroom

9 Quick and Effective Ways to Relieve Stress During the Workday

One area of my life which is a constant work in progress is managing stress. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother, you simply cannot avoid all the triggers that can cause you to worry or feel anxious. I will also admit that my desire to have things fit into pretty little boxes in life doesn’t […]